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BANNED Episode 168: Inside The Numbers With The People's Pundit

Hey folks,

I'm posting Episode 168 of Inside The Numbers, which YouTube removed and big tech apparently does NOT want you to see, because I do. We discussed a major study comparing Covid-19 immunity between various groups, i.e. ONLY vaccinated vs. infected/recovered but NOT vaccinated, and other groups.

At 3:10 AM EST, YouTube informed us that the video was removed for including “claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus”.

That, of course, is an anti-science statement in and of itself, and furthermore, total bull$#1t.

So, without any further delay...

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: On Inside The Numbers, we discuss the first results of the Public Polling Project for Late Spring/Early Summer, plus more!

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Episode 279: Inside The Numbers With The People's Pundit

Inside The Numbers LIVE at 12:00 PM EST — Are the midterms really looking less of a Red Wave or is it a summer non-response bias? We’ll discuss it. Plus, privacy rights and the FBI raid on Mira-Lago with David Sinclair of Volta Wireless and Don Smith.

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